5 Things You Need for Any Digital Marketing Campaign

5 Things You Need for Any Digital Marketing Campaign

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Digital Marketing Consultant

The worldwide digital marketing industry was worth over 225 billion dollars as of 2017. That number is projected to grow to a whopping 335 billion by 2020.

Why are companies investing so much in their digital marketing efforts?

Because there are 1.8 billion websites online right now. With that kind of competition, it's more important than ever to leverage top-notch marketing to cut through the noise.

If you're considering digital marketing to stand out in today's impacted online world, you may be asking a lot of questions.

How should you roll out your marketing campaign? Which digital marketing mediums should you use? What will give you the most ROI?

To help add some clarity to your marketing journey, I've put together this post laying out some digital marketing best practices. My hope is that they will guide the formation of your marketing strategy and help you find success!

1.- SEO is Everything

There's nothing more important in today's digital-first universe than SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) is the science that puts you in search engines like Google's good graces.

What happens when Google views your business favorably?

You dramatically increase the likelihood that Google will direct its 4 billion daily searchers to your products. That could mean hundreds if not tens of thousands of additional website visitors and sales.

Optimizing your SEO is best done with the help of a premier marketing consultant.

An expert can conduct high-quality keyword research. They can help your website integrate keywords and phrases commonly used on the internet to net traffic.

Beyond driving more eyeballs to your products online, SEO also provides insight into the pressing questions your customers have. Armed with this information, you can work your SEO findings into other offline marketing materials, presentations, and more.

Bottom line, SEO is at the core of digital marketing best practices. Invest in it early and you'll get incredible returns.

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2.- Don't Buy Eyeballs Before Your Funnel is Set

In order to generate big sales online, you'll want to make sure you have a quality sales funnel working for you. That funnel should come close to guaranteeing that if you can grab the attention of a targeted lead, you'll convert that person into a paying customer.

If you are not convinced that your sales funnel does enough to drive a user's experience or does not have enough in the way of products and services to drive big-time revenue for your organization, hold off on buying traffic.

When I say "buying traffic", I mean running Google Ads campaigns that drive leads to landing pages, paid social media ads, etc.

While buying leads is valuable, they'll only represent a maximum return on your investment if your funnel is primed to sell.

3.- Take Social Media Seriously

Marketing on social media can present low-cost value for your digital marketing efforts. Seizing that value takes a lot more than simply having a presence on social networks though.

Social media takes work to get serious traction. If you're willing to put in the work, however, it can be an incredibly lucrative medium.

To be successful on social media, get on as many platforms that are relevant to your audience as possible. Once you're on there, plan on creating authentic, non-salesy content consistently. Also engage your social followers with re-blogging, re-tweeting, sharing, etc. their relevant material.

This legitimate engagement within social communities will help you build trust with customers. That building of trust is at the core of digital marketing best practices and will lead to heightened levels of engagement.

4.- Up-Cycle Your Content

Leveraging content marketing as part of your digital strategy takes time, effort and money. Because of that investment, it's important that you understand that a digital marketing piece's life shouldn't end when published on a single platform.

For example, you can take a blog post and create an informational video using the exact same material. This up-cycling of content will let you generate more leads across more platforms at a nominal additional investment.

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Ever wonder how your competition was able to get so much content out across so many platforms so quickly? Up-cycling was almost certainly the ace up their sleeve.

5.- Everything You do Needs to Offer Value

Most digital marketing best practices boil down to this core tenant... Drive people to content, products, and services that provide an exceptional amount of value to consumers.

There is an incredible amount of marketing clutter online today. Millions of blog posts, advertisements, videos, podcasts and more. In order to stand out among all of that, you need to be prepared to offer consumers things that will move the needle for them.

Whether you're producing content marketing pieces, buying ads, implementing a killer SEO strategy or doing anything else, if you don't have something excellent to offer people when you capture their attention, you're going to lose.

So take a moment and really think about how you can improve the information you provide, the products you're selling and the services you offer. Making your value proposition irresistible to buyers will improve your marketing efforts as far as getting attention goes. It will also vastly improve your customer retention.

Wrapping Up Digital Marketing Best Practices

When you're developing a digital marketing strategy, you'll want to take into consideration the above digital marketing best practices:

  • Worship good SEO.
  • Refine your sales funnels.
  • Get social.
  • Up-cycle your content marketing pieces.
  • Offer value.

If you have those pillars supporting your marketing campaign, you stand a much better chance of creating a digital marketing strategy that will lead you to achieve your ambitions!

Do you want help building a digital marketing strategy that will provide an excellent return on your investment and exponentially grow your business? If so, let's work together.